Newark Farmers Market

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2515 Kirkwood Hwy
Newark, DE 19711
(302) 894-0895

Massive multicultural indoor market, supermarket-like. Sells loose-leaf tea in at least two places in the store, in the Indo-Pakistani / South Asian section in the rear left corner, with the main tea section just inside the room to the right, selling loose-leaf Asian brands of tea as well as numerous tea bags. Also sells bulk herbs and fresh herbs in the produce section.


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This is one of my favorite places in the whole world. It's immense, and the amount of different cultures thoroughly represented under one roof is astonishing. Expect to hear at least 3 different languages spoken when you shop here! I've had crazy experiences like being behind people speaking Turkish or Hindi with the cashier, only to have the cashier turn to another store employee and speak to them in Spanish, and then turn back to me to speak English.

This place also has one of the best tea selections I've been able to find in Delaware.

The Indian section of the store, in the way back corner, has a selection of brands that reflects (but is a bit larger than) what you'd find in a typical Indian grocery, including pretty inexpensive things, and things like Lipton's loose-leaf yellow label, which is not widely available in the U.S. (and is way ahead of their regular low-quality tea bags), and a number of brands of inexpensive bulk Darjeeling tea and Assam. There are also lots of spices if you want to mix up your own authentic masala chai.

My favorite part of the store for tea though is the main tea section. This section is a half aisle and it contains teas from a wide variety of different cultures, including Ahmad Tea, and Tradition brand tea from Taiwan, and a number of other brands of Taiwanese tea. There is a small selection of loose-leaf oolong and Jasmine teas, and I've found that the store is pretty selective about what they carry, only stocking brands of consistently high quality. There are also a number of mainstream tea bag brands, but the selection here is quite different from what you'll find in a typical supermarket.

I highly recommend checking this place, not just for the tea but the other food and the whole experience...this is one of my places of choice to shop, and it's always an adventure!

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