Zahra International Food Market

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Ethnic Grocery

230 E Main St
Newark, DE 19711
(302) 733-0430

Sells many Arab and Turkish food products. Sells loose-leaf black teas, including Caykur, Ahmad Tea, Alghazaleen Tea, and others. Also sells numerous herbs.


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A great place to buy loose-leaf black teas in good quantity for a low price.

This is a fantastic middle-eastern grocery; it used to be more Turkish, and is now run by an Arab family, but the new owners have retained nearly all of the old Turkish products. It's a small store and the selection isn't huge but the stuff I've bought here has been consistently good quality.

Tea-wise, this place is fantastic for buying inexpensive, loose-leaf black teas of good quality. They have a good selection of teas of the Caykur brand, including both smaller tins and bulk (1 pound) packages, which are surprisingly cheap. I recommend the black label of that brand. There is a wide selection of Ahmad Teas, and they also sell a few other brands, including Alghazaleen Tea, which can be harder to find in the U.S. The turnover on the teas is relatively good too, better than some specialty tea shops, so you can get tea that is actually fresh.

Also of interest to tea lovers there is a good selection of herbs and spices, including some herbs (like spearmint or sage) which can be used as herbal teas or in blends.

I highly recommend this place. The people who work here are also super nice!

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