Chestnut Hill Cafe

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Cafe or Coffee Shop

532 W Chestnut St
Lancaster, PA 17603
(717) 509-2008

Neighborhood cafe serving fresh-brewed loose-leaf Rishi tea.


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I love this cafe; it's one of my favorite coffee shops anywhere I've ever lived. Just about everything about it is perfect.

One of the things I love most about it is that they serve loose-leaf Rishi Tea, and I think Rishi Tea is a fantastic company. Perhaps more than just that though, I really love their particular choice of teas, which includes the Jade Cloud, White Peony, and China Breakfast. I can't remember all the teas they stock, because I usually get the Jade Cloud or China Breakfast...I like these because they're like, a pure green and pure black tea, but they have a lot of character and are quite distinct from the usual stuff you get in a typical cafe.

Nothing about this place is typical...the food is fantastic. I love getting bagels here, and they have a lot of option of things to put on them (tomatoes? cucumber? sprouts? please yes all of the above!) and they're always inexpensive. And then they have these amazing chocolate cream-cheese cupcake things that are like kind of more muffin-like than cupcake-like, they're like chocolate filled with this cheescake-like filling but then that filling has chocolate chips in it. Omg. Just writing about it makes me want one.

And the decor is really's like, cozy, and artful...there's stained's ornate but somehow also feels down-to-earth. This is a neighborhood cafe where you will meet people who live in the neighborhood, if you become a regular here.

Basically, come here, I highly recommend it! And order tea!

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