Everest Indian Grocery Store

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Ethnic Grocery

1621 Columbia Ave
Lancaster, PA 17603
(717) 299-2624

Small selection of loose-leaf black teas and tea bags, including Lipton's loose-leaf Darjeeling and Ketepa Kenyan tea. Also sells dried spices and fresh herbs.


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This is a fantastic little store, it's very small but there's an incredible amount of stuff in such a tiny space.

The tea selection is small but very good. The two highlights I noticed were Ketepa's Safari Tea, a loose-leaf Kenyan black tea, very strong and of surprisingly good quality, and the loose-leaf Darjeeling sold by Lipton, which is remarkably low in price. There are several other brands like Brooke Bond, which are not widely available in the U.S., as well as some British brands like PG Tips.

There is also a good spice selection. The spices are mostly Swad brand, which is a very inexpensive brand that I think offers decent quality and good value, but is not as high-quality as some other brands of spices I prefer.

As to the rest of the store, it's great...there is a surprisingly large fresh produce section and the prices are very good and the stuff all looked good quality. You can find some things, like methi leaf, and fresh dill, which aren't that widely available in the U.S. There are also tons and tons of hot peppers. They also sell Indian breads and the Indian plain yogurt, which I think is fantastic.

I highly recommend this store. It's really great and is the best Indian store I've found packed into such a small space, and one of the best Indian stores I've been to anywhere in South Central Pennsylvania. Actually, I've been told that technically this store is Nepalese, but the products are more or less similar to what I've seen in Indian stores.

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