Ancora Coffee Roasters - MSN Airport Madison

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Cafe or Coffee Shop - sells its own brand of tea

Dane County Regional Airport, 4000 International Ln
Madison, WI 53704

2 separate cafes inside the Dane County Regional Airport. One is located on the first floor, before check-in, and the second is on the 2nd floor, in the terminal between gates 7-8.


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Airports are often a grim landscape when it comes to food or drink culture, reeking of consumerism, like the worst aspects of Capitalism without a free market, with jacked-up prices and abysmal quality. This place was a rare beacon of hope, and it brightened my day with a tasty cup of tea.

I only got a single cup of tea here but was pleasantly surprised to find that they sell and freshly brew up their own loose-leaf tea, something uncommon for coffee-oriented businesses such as this one. I only have sampled one of their teas, but it was quite good, and I see the price of buying it in bulk is also quite reasonable.

I was impressed. I highly recommend to stop by this stand if you're ever in the Madison airport (apparently they have two separate locations, one in the terminal and one outside of check-in, so you can try it whether you're on a flight or just in the airport to meet someone else).

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