Copper Cup

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Cafe or Coffee Shop

922 Columbia Ave
Lancaster, PA 17603
(717) 759-5707

Cafe made by repurposing interior of an abandoned bank branch. Serves loose-leaf tea from Passenger Coffee Company, including single-origin teas.


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This is a delightful cafe that moved into an old bank building that had been vacant for a number of years. The interior is sleek and modern; LED lighting gives the illusion of natural light during the daytime.

The menu is minimal but it delivers the sorts of things I want in a cafe. There is only a modest selection of tea but they use loose-leaf tea provided by Passenger Coffee Roasters. The tea is impressive; you can check my review of the Yunnan Silver Needle tea under that brand. Prices are reasonable too!

I also had a baked good and it was wonderful. I didn't use the wireless, but I saw a lot of people working here on laptops so I presume it is probably reliable if a lot of people are using it.

I'm not as much of a coffee person, but I had a sip of someone's coffee while here and I was also impressed: it was smooth, flavorful, and aromatically complex.

I hope to come back here often! I think this cafe is a huge asset to the neighborhood and I was really happy to finally check it out. I hope it thrives, and I would encourage anyone in the area to drop by!

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