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I have been drinking tea for a very long time. My Grandmother got me started drinking it when I was about 8 yrs old, complete with lots of cream and sugar. I must admit, that is how I have and probably always will prefer it. About a year ago I was drinking so much tea, I thought it may be affecting my sleep. I took a break from tea for about a week and saw no change, so I went back to my usual routine of 6-8 cups a day. Big cups, you would laugh at my cup! My sleep still kept being affected, so about 6 months later I went off tea, this time, for 1 MONTH! Let me tell you, at first I was ready to give up and then, at about week 4, I started to sleep better. So, I lasted two months this way but I missed my tea very, very badly. It was around this time that I found Rooibos, a friend told me about it. I started drinking flavored Rooibos and I have been hooked ever since. Now, I have to admit, I did go back to drinking my black tea, as well as any other types with caffeine. I just do not drink it after lunch time each day. That is when I switch to either Herbal or Rooibos. My sleep is still good, so I am going with it!
You are going to see me review a lot of flavored tea. The flavors help me cut back on sugar, which I know I should not use, but still do. I put a scant in each cup. I will drink iced tea without it, so I am getting better. I have also found that if I use real cream I can go with out sugar often as well.
I will always state when I tasted it with sugar and without. Same goes for cream.
Thanks for reading about my tea. Cheers!