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Member since Jul. 30th, 2014.

Tea is my passion. It has become so much more than a hobby. For me, tea is a way of life. I do tinker around a bit with blending teas. Two of my blends, Virginia Breakfast, a blend of Imperial Keemun and a second flush Darjeeling, and my Russian Caravan Blend with Keemun, Wuyi Oolong and Lapsang Souchong, are sold at a wonderful French tea shop – salon de thé :) – here in Richmond, Virginia. My own small claim to tea fame.

Darjeeling is my favorite tea by far! I enjoy all Darjeeling flushes for their unique characteristics. I am also particularly fond of second flush Assam, Winter “Frost” Nilgiri and high grown Ceylon teas. Indian and Ceylon teas tend to be my preference, but I do confess to really enjoying fine Chinese Keemun too.
Whenever possible I choose organic tea.

I work in the medical field – Charge nurse of an advanced dementia and hospice care unit. I am also a dementia care training instructor, so I stay pretty busy. I have a multitude of interests. Strong advocate of LGBT rights and animal welfare! I’m a big time lover of cats! I love jazz, blues, classic rock, opera and Russian symphonic music, classic cinema, cooking - Dedicated vegetarian, gardening, gemology, vulcanology, history – Especially English history. Passionate Anglophile! Love to travel (When I can afford to). Love England, France (Paris is heaven!), California and the American South. Love day trips to D.C., the Blue Ridge Mountains and Shenandoah Valley of my beautiful Virginia. Aviation is another major interest – Love my flight simulator. I love baseball and enjoy bowling. Ardent bibliophile as well – Vast and eclectic library!