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D. Gray

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I am the exact opposite of a tea snob. If it were possible, I'd be even further away from tea snobhood than that. I just really don't care about brand names or couture vendors. If tea is good, it will speak for itself. This, as I found, is actually a really good thing, considering how many tea vendors out there are more than happy to swindle you. I've been surprised at this when exploring the world of tea. Truly, for a beverage associated with Zen Buddhism and inner peace, it's an industry wrought with deception.

That notwithstanding, I do love new experiences with foods and beverages. When I'm not trying some new dish from halfway across the world (or making it myself at home), I'm trying some new tea that nobody's ever heard of. My interests don't just lie in the new and uncharted territories, though. I'm also happy to drink some regular old green tea or oolong tea, every now and then.

My favorite types of tea are: oolong tea, dark tea, herbal tea, and green tea. Occasionally, I'll drink some white tea or black tea, but for whatever reason, they usually don't appeal to me. White tea flavors I generally find underwhelming and the caffeine usually makes me jittery. Black tea is, for whatever reason, strangely depressing to my mood and always seems to feel like it's missing something in the flavor. So, most of the teas I review will be oolong, green, and dark. (I tend to mix my own herbal teas from scratch, so you won't find them here.)

I hope you find my reviews useful. I try to keep it short when details wouldn't enrich the review-reading experience (such as when a tea is undrinkable and having those details wouldn't really be useful) and to give details when they're useful (such as when a tea is recommended). If you like a review I've written, please click the "like" button at the bottom. It helps me to know that it's useful and helps me to feel motivated to write more reviews.