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Karen Hong

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Member since Oct. 11th, 2017. Reviewed 2 teas.

I'm an ambitious person with a blaze of curiosity to light the candle of learning. In 2014, I studied English for several months in England, where I lived with a host family. Every morning they offered me English-style breakfast with a cup of cambric tea, which I guess was English Breakfast black tea. The savor was so unforgettable that after coming back to my home country, I did my best with a college student's allowance of time and money to seek out that taste; thereafter I became amateur but ardent tea enthusiast and all I have learned and experienced in the process is and will be a great deal of help to understand the world of tea in depth and breadth.
Besides tea, I have passion for many other things, particularly much more in writing, music (esp. classical, operatic pop, classical crossover, a cappella, English and American pop, new age, oldies and jazz), literature, humanities and language learning. As a bookish person, I enjoy books about tea so much. The Book of Tea by Okakura Kakuzo is my favorite because brewing tea and unfolding tea leaves are sophisticatedly described, so much so that I can vividly imagine the beauty of blooming leaves/flowers in the cattle. Plus, the Tea Cyclopedia by Keith Souter is worth recommending to the newbie tea drinkers. It has plenty of resources and intriguing knowledge about tea, such as the etymology of the word “tea”, history of tea production, tea grading methods, tea recipes etc. And when it comes to writing, I think figurative language is a great fun to use in any type of writing; thus, from time to time my feelings and memories that have to do with a tea chime in my tea reviews. May the wits drop some smiley faces on you other than your mugs.
I'm also a vegetarian (aka Locto-Ovo) and have a strong preference for nature-friendly products. I despise alcoholic beverages and all the harms they cause to our society, as well as our mental and physical health. I'd rather be in favor of tea addiction.
It's a wonderful zest of pleasure in routine days to stumble upon this top-notch well-organized website and have a chance to share my appreciation stories about tea. Tea is really a boon!