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I love tea, I love writing, I just really don't like social media (or what it turns people into), so you won't find me online in a social capacity. I do tend to be adventurous and I like to try teas that are rare or unusual. I had a hard time learning about such teas or even finding them, so I'm sharing some of my experiences here to make it easier for others. I also may find a relatively normal tea to be really good or really bad and may wish to encourage or warn others about it.

My grandmother introduced me to tea as a child, in the Jean-Luc Picard style: tea, Earl Gray, hot. My curiosity spread from Twining's Earl Gray to Lady Gray to Oolong, to the various single-location varieties like Darjeeling, Keemun, and Assam. I then expanded into pu-erh teas, then later into green teas, oolongs, and white teas. During all of this, I mixed herbal teas on my own — from recipes I found in books, learned from people I met from other countries, and decided upon for myself.

I hope my experiences prove useful to you in your journey through the world of teas!