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When life hands you water, make tea. And beer.

After writing several thousand beer reviews, I decided to add tea to my reviewing mania - much cheaper, healthier and cozier to enjoy. I am still a newbie to the tea world and am generally open-minded and curious. There is no tea style I would not like to taste, and I enjoy drinking most of them, flavoured or not, perhaps with the exception of pure green tea. My favourites include caramel green teas, fruit white teas and strong Yunnan and Assam teas. I never drink my tea with milk, and very seldom with sugar, unless it is of a rather inferior quality.

Apart from brewing, drinking and reviewing tea and beer, I love travelling, reading, writing and learning languages. A good hike or an hour with a bass or guitar in hand sounds great, too.

And yes, chocolate is absolutely irresistible. Guilty as charged.