Tea: Nilgiri Select Black Tea

A Black Tea from Wegmans

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Style:Black Tea
Region:Nilgiri, India
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Review of Nilgiri Select Black Tea

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This was my first Nilgiri tea. I have heard Nilgiris described as being similar to Ceylon and I can see this. It's definitely more similar to a a lower-elevation Ceylon than it is to any other Indian tea I've tried. I don't notice much high-grown character in this tea.

I also think it's reminiscent of a Hubei Keemuns that I tried, that was produced by Rishi Tea. It has a balanced overall character, some maltiness and dried fruit, with some of the light, rice-like qualities that I find more in Ceylon teas. It's a smooth tea for how dark and rich it is: there was only a little bitterness, more if brewed longer, but very little astringency either way. If you brew longer, it's rather tangy, in a pleasing way. Finish has a clean, cool quality suggestive of stone or slate, contrasting with the warm overall character of this tea.

I recommend brewing a full 5 or 6 minutes: this tea will not become too bitter or astringent, and longer brewing brings out a pleasant bite, and makes for a richer aroma as well.

Exceptionally reasonable price given the quality.

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