Tea: Yorkshire Tea Traditional

A Black Tea from Yorkshire Tea

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Brand:Yorkshire Tea
Style:Black Tea
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A lot of people seem to compare this to PG Tips, so I will continue the tradition. I will say, the two teas definitely are in the same style: a strong English-style breakfast tea. But, hands down, this tea absolutely toasts PG Tips, in spite of the fact that it came in a normal, flat tea bag, and the PG Tips I've had has all been in the superior pyramid bags.

Deep, with a strong malty richness. Pleasingly bitter. A strong tea, and yet, without the harshness that comes in the aftertaste of most teas of this strength. I found this tea to be significantly less harsh than PG Tips.

This would not be my choice of an everyday tea, but in its style, for something available in bulk teabags, it's the best I've tried yet.

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