Review of Yorkshire Tea Decaf

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This one really surprised me. I sampled it side-by-side with Yorkshire's traditional blend (their flagship tea) out of curiosity. I myself am highly skeptical of decaf tea.

It's not as good, I'll say that straight up.'s by far the best decaf black tea I've tried yet. It is even better than a number of caffeinated black teas. In particular, it's the only one I've ever tried that had a significant "bite" to it; the decaffeination takes off the edge, perhaps because caffeine itself has a bitter taste. This tea still has a pleasing bitterness.

It also has some malty qualities in the aroma, and, like its caffeinated cousin, is relatively smooth in the aftertaste in spite of being pleasingly strong tasting up front. The aroma is not quite as complex as the caffeinated Yorkshire tea, but it's remarkably similar.

I will still not drink decaf tea very often, but I've got to give it to Yorkshire on this one: this is impressive.

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