Tea: Mother Earth Zest®

An Herbal Tea from Sacred Rose - O Organic

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Brand:Sacred Rose
Style:Herbal Tea
Caffeine:Caffeine Free
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Review of Mother Earth Zest®

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Smooth aroma with a hint of a candy-like quality, but not overwhelmingly so. Fresh, but not crisp. Just the right amount of peppermint. A hint of sage.

Flavor is smooth.

This is an impressive blend. My only complaint is subtle: most of the blend consists of highly broken leaves, whereas the sage consists of larger leaves and stems. If you spoon out a single serving, you might get a lot of sage, or little to no sage, which definitely effects the character of the final cup. I think that breaking up the sage leaf might improve the consistency of this blend.

As to how this tea makes me feel, it's hard to say, I don't notice any particularly strong effects, this seems to be a more neutral tea, mostly enjoyable for the aroma.

Pricey, but high-quality.

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