Tea: Organic South Indian Select Tea

A Black Tea from Novus Tea - F Fair Trade

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Brand:Novus Tea
Style:Black Tea
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Review of Organic South Indian Select Tea

8 of 104 of 52 of 570 of 100

This tea was outstanding but I did not find that it fit its commercial description. I don't notice any wood-like aroma nor would I describe this tea as brisk. It shares many characteristics with a highly tannic Assam, but it is smoother, with little bitterness or astringency.

Aroma is mostly of sweet, dark dried fruit, prunes or raisins.

One sachet was easily able to brew two infusions. The second infusion had less of the pleasing dried fruit aroma but was still above average. However, if you use the sachet in a larger cup it may not be strong enough for you, depending on your tastes. In spite of the generous amount of tea and dark color of the cup, this one didn't taste particularly strong to me.

This is the first tea I've tried from Novus, and, while I'm impressed, I'm not impressed with the price. 12 teabags for $7; that's highway robbery, even for a good tea like this. For that price you could buy so much good loose tea.

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