Tea: Morning Blossom®

An Herbal Tea from Sacred Rose

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Brand:Sacred Rose
Style:Herbal Tea
Caffeine:Caffeine Free
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Review of Morning Blossom®

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Another impressive herbal blend from Sacred Rose. This herbal tea bears a strange resemblance to sencha, both in the appearance of the brewed cup and its flavor profile.

Aroma is very balanced: a hint of peppermint, which lends a creamy smoothness, and a strong dried ginger presence (less like fresh ginger). The rose adds bite and depth, and, I'm actually able to separate the alfalfa in the aroma too, having recently sampled that herb as an infusion on its own. The spearmint is hardest to find in the aroma.

Overall, grassy, vegetal, crisp, and with a little bitterness, much like sencha. Very pleasing, and totally unique. Although it is caffeine-free, I can definitely see this making a good morning tea. I find it's best to drink on a full stomach or after eating though; otherwise it makes me a bit hungry.

Like the other herbal teas I've tried from sacred rose, this blend is pricey. However, it definitely has the quality and uniqueness to back up the substantial price.

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