Review of Frosty Spring Yunnan Roast Green

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This is an interesting tea. I tried brewing two different ways: with longer, and shorter infusions. Both ways, it brews a clear, pale green cup.

With a 3-minute infusion, the cup had a toasty aroma, with hints of cooked vegetables. Very clean flavor, but with an extremely pleasing, mild bitterness in the aftertaste. The aroma is strong, relative to the amount of leaf I used, but the tea is thin-bodied and flavor very clean and mild.

Second, longer infusion, this started tasting more like a Yunnan tea. Stronger flavor, and with an aroma that combines a suggestion of gingerbread with a peppery quality familiar to Yunnan black teas. Overall, still a bit thin relative to its strength.

I also tried making briefer infusions, with about the same amount of leaf. Strangely, the tea seemed more full-bodied when the infusions were briefer.

First infusion of one minute, was sweet, floral, and honey-like, remarkably similar to a jade oolong, just slightly grassier.

Second infusion, one-and-a-half minutes, had a much sharper character. Some of the elements from the first were present but there was much more grassiness and more astringency. Slight savory quality, like gyokuro.

Third infusion, two and a half minutes was more like the first cup. Less of the grassy quality and less of the savory quality. I made a final, fourth infusion of about 5 minutes, which had a more toasty aroma, and a more tangy flavor. Still creamy and smooth though.

This tea was interesting; I think people who like jade oolong such as Dong Ding or greener Tie Guan Yin might really like this one. I liked it less than other Yunnan green teas I've tried: it lacked the boldness than these teas usually have: it was a more delicate tea. Naturally very sweet.

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