Review of Organic Raspberry Leaf

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I was drinking this as a beverage, not a medicinal tea, so I made a single 3-minute infusion instead of the recommended 10-15 minute one. I imagine it might get a bit too strong if brewed that much: 3 minutes was plenty strong and even perhaps a bit too much.

The cup is greenish brown, like some mild black teas. Aroma is vegetal, earthy, and gravely, with some floral and honey-like tones; it makes me think of summer. Some licorice in there too. The aroma has a burnt quality, like a smoking candle after you blow the candle out, however, which I find slightly unpleasant. Putting aside the fact that the aroma is completely dissimilar to black tea, the flavor and overall character of the cup is like a milder black tea, a lot like Darjeeling first flush, actually.

Surprisingly pleasant to drink as a beverage. This was my first try of raspberry leaf tea. Given that my yard is surrounded by wild raspberries, I'm going to try harvesting their leaf on my own and see how it turns out.

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