Tea: Jade Oolong Tea

A Jade Oolong from Wegmans

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Style:Jade Oolong
Region:Taiwan / Formosa
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Review of Jade Oolong Tea

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A solidly good, classic, but perhaps slightly boring Taiwanese Jade Oolong. Sold for a surprisingly reasonable price!

Aroma is mostly of butter with a little honey and some faint floral tones. Buttery-smooth flavor: sweet, with no bitterness. To my tastes, a bit too buttery, and not very tea-like.

Leaves are extremely slow to unfurl: after four minutes, they are still fairly tightly rolled.

Brewing western-style, I found this tea was best for 2-3 infusions. It required very long infusions, using a full teaspoon of dry leaf (which is a lot, the leaves expand to take up quite a lot of space), to be as flavorful as I'd like. The flavor and overall character of each cups was basically identical.

This tea has fewer of the herbaceous tones in later infusions that many oolongs have, and that I like. These tones were greatest in the second infusion.

Although some people may like this because it's a very smooth, I enjoyed it, but would prefer some of the sharper-flavored oolongs.

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