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A Flavored Black Tea from Divinitea - O Organic

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Style:Flavored Black Tea
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A fairly robust, standard black tea with a strong, but not overpowering lavender presence. Lavender can tend to have a resinous quality, leaving a sticky astringency on the palate; this tea has none of this potential flaw, which I am grateful for. It is quite balanced too, the base tea's aroma and flavor definitely comes through strongly, but the lavender also has a bold appearance, sharing an equal footing with the base tea.

The aroma, besides lavender and a moderately malty black tea base, has fairly strong tones of cinnamon as well.

Very enjoyable. Almost bordering on pricey, however. Perhaps my perspective is skewed though by the fact that where I live, lavender grows abundantly and effortlessly, so I can take any black tea and add my own.

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