Review of Jun Chiyabari Nepalese Black Tea

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This is one of those elusive teas that I am often searching for, with a Darjeeling-like character but packing more of a punch.

Aroma Darjeeling-like, with a strong fruity, muscatel quality. A tad more cooling and less warming than a Darjeeling. Slightly fresher tones. Dark color but relatively light body. Very smooth flavor, a little bit dusty. Brews a rich, bronze-colored cup. Reminds me somewhat of the Himalayan blends from Upton Tea Imports.

This tea struck me as slightly strange the first time I drank it, but as I drink more of it, I come to like it more and more. It is almost like a good Bai Hao oolong, with some freshness and kick added to it. If you like Darjeelings but also like teas with a bit of bite, you may find that this one becomes a favorite.

A good price too for tea from Jun Chiyabari estate, which is relatively well-known and often tends to be on the pricier side.

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