Tea: Wuyi Organic Oolong Tea

An Oolong Tea from Wegmans - O Organic

Picture of Wuyi Organic Oolong Tea
Style:Oolong Tea
Region:Wuyi, Fujian, China
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Review of Wuyi Organic Oolong Tea

8 of 104 of 55 of 580 of 100

This is the same style as Rishi's Wuyi Qi Lan, and the two teas are very similar. I suspect that this is also a Qi Lan but I am not experienced enough with Wuyi teas to say for sure.

Rishi's Qi Lan (Wuyi oolong) is sweeter, thicker, more syrupy. This tea is more dry. Both teas have a pleasant hint of smokiness. Whereas Rishi's version is a bit more atypical or unusual, this tea has the classic profile of a Wuyi oolong, and of a darker Chinese oolong in general. However, these differences are subtle.

Lastly, I will say, at $23 a pound, this tea is an outright bargain buy.

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