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An Herbal Tea from Mighty Leaf Tea - O Organic

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Brand:Mighty Leaf Tea
Style:Herbal Tea
Caffeine:Caffeine Free
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Review of ML Verbena Mint Organic

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This was a surprisingly good herbal blend. I tend to prefer blends of spearmint and lemon verbena, and I was a little worried because this one uses peppermint: peppermint can easily overpower other aromas. Fortunately, this one is balanced just right and the mint does not overpower the verbena at all.

Pleasingly lemony and minty, I find this makes outstanding iced tea. Flavor is smooth, crisp, and fresh.

I think this one is overpriced, however, as it is competing with locally-grown, organically-grown fresh and dried herbs that I and my neighbors have grown myself. These cost over $1 a tea bag, which is, in my opinion, highway robbery.

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