Tea: Genmai-Cha

A Genmaicha from Takaokaya

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Region:Shizuoka, Japan
Caffeine:Caffeine Free
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Very mild, mellow flavor, but without being bland. This was good quality for a tea bag, and given that the tea bag did not seem to have the most generous quantity of leaf.

The brew is cloudy, as expected for a blend containing matcha, and the aroma is mostly of popcorn. More popcorn-like and less toasty than other genmaicha, and with a dominant rice presence and less noticeable green tea presence. Did not seem particularly caffeinated either.

Above average for what it was; I'd prefer a bit more leaf in the teabag, and a bolder green tea presence, but if you want something very mild and smooth, this is good quality. And I certainly cannot complain about the price.

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