Tea: Fukamushi-Sencha Special

A Sencha from Den's Tea

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Brand:Den's Tea
Region:Shizuoka, Japan
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Review of Fukamushi-Sencha Special

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At the moment, this is probably my favorite everyday loose tea. Fukamushi Senchas are deep steamed when they are processed, making them exceptionally quick to brew, and letting them release their rich vegetal flavor in two to four steepings. Many can be a bit finicky to brew, but not this one from Den's.

The first steep is a beautiful emerald green, and clear in consistency. The second and later infusions become lighter in color, and more cloudy, but have a consistently good flavor and aroma. Nice umami/savory flavor makes this a nice stand alone cup of tea, and also goes great with any meal -- but not so great with most sweets.

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