Tea: Typhoo Tea

A Black Tea from Typhoo

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Style:Black Tea
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This has been my favorite brand of tea over 30 years. I first drank Typhoo Tea in my student days in England. I have tried other British and Irish teas, but have always come back to Typhoo.

This is a strong breakfast tea, but with more flavor and strength than teas called 'English Breakfast' in the US. It is not as bitter as the Irish Breakfast tea sold by Twinings.

Typhoo has a rich 'tea' scent while brewing. It is a hearty tea, with a well balanced, richly satisfying taste. Typhoo is an honest tea without pretension. It's what I want for a breakfast tea, with a 'biccie' in the afternoon, or anytime you want a comforting cuppa.

I do not use this tea for iced tea, but I know people who do use it this way.

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