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Style:Wellness Tea / Medicinal Tea
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This is the first commercially-available herbal blend I've tried which prominently includes lemon balm. I love lemon balm: it dries well, and it is delicious and has a number of beneficial health properties. I think lemon balm is an under-utilized herb in commercial blends.

However, I was disappointed by this tea. It was relatively flat tasting and I taste much more rooibos than lemon balm, whereas I would prefer a blend that were the other way around.

Aroma is predominately earthy, slightly fruity, and mostly of rooibos. Flavor is mild, slightly sweet. I only really notice the lemon balm in the presence of some weak vegetal qualities, there's not much lemon in the aroma.

This is a very pleasant drink; it's mild and somewhat relaxing, although it does not have strong effects. However, to someone such as myself who is used to brewing fresh, home-grown lemon balm, and whole-leaf lemon balm that I or my parents have dried ourselves, the aroma seemed very flat. And, while it's not much more expensive than mainstream brands of tea bags, I find this one overpriced as I always have bulk rooibos on hand, and I also have easy access to fresh, locally-grown lemon balm, a plant that grows like a weed in this climate.

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