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A Lychee Black Tea from Foojoy

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Style:Lychee Black Tea
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I have been keeping my eyes open for China Black Tea in the area, but with no luck. Foojoy's Lichee Black Tea is available, but I have been very hesitant about buying any type of "flavored" teas. In any case, I have tried a few cups of this type now.

My only other experience with lichee flavored teas is a lichee dancong wulong tea (loose leaf), which was excellent. However, the dancong wulongs are not flavored in any way, and are minor cultivars that retain idiosyncratic qualities such as a lichee or honey flavor. There are many such types.

In any case, this tea pours to a nice amber brown. The scent is quite strong, even reminding me of women who wear too much perfume. Not really bad, though, just very different from a typical scent of a Chinese tea. The taste is a little bitter and strong on the first few sips. After that, though, I found its qualities to be quite smooth, being both somewhat bitter and somewhat sweet. It is quite full bodied and opaque, which is a bit unusual for this type of tea. I would probably much prefer the China Black Tea, but this was really not bad at all, as a flavored tea.

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