Review of Tianmu Ming Dynasty Green Tea

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This tea resembles a good mao feng green tea: it has long, flat, slightly curved leaves, and a taste reminiscent of other Mao Feng that I've had. The leaves are a bit narrower and more needle-like in appearance than most mao feng.

The first time I brewed this tea, it did not leave much of an impression on me. I upped the brewing temperature a little higher than I would normally use for green tea and it came out delightfully: full-bodied and flavorful, even using a modest amount of leaf. Slightly toasty aroma, with some fruity and grassy tones, and with an overall cooling quality. Dusty finish, with some astringency. Very similar to other green teas I've tried from Zhejiang province.

It has an unappealing brown color when brewed. But the overall character is good...this is an above average tea, especially for people like me who like green teas with considerable kick and bite to them. My only complaint is that one can find similar-quality teas of a similar style for less expensive (although not necessarily organic).

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