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Aroma is simultaneously bold and vague, with faint assam-like notes; flattish with a little cardboard.

Flavor is strong (two bags for 12 oz.) and familiar; this was probably the first tea of any type I ever had, and it is my construct for what black tea should taste like. For me, this is the standard against which all other black teas are judged (not sure whether that's a good or bad thing). Weighty palate, with significant bitterness. This tea is unforgiving if oversteeped (which happens often).

Value: This is both cheap at retail and free at my office. The major downside here is that because it is widely available and is wrapped in paper, most who encounter it are likely to find it stale. Fortunately for me there are iced tea addicts in my office that keep us blowing through boxes of this stuff, so my supply (hot) is always relatively fresh.

Overall: This is a consistent, convenient and satisfactory bagged tea. Not something to seek out, but it is perfectly adequate when all you need is a simple cup of black tea. Watch out if it's stale and be careful not to oversteep.

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