Review of Organic Chamomile with Lavender

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Aroma is lavender, lavender, lavender. A touch of chamomile and something faintly citric. The label says there is "lemon balm leaf" in here. This is where this infusion really shines.

Flavor: Thin, earthy, lavender. Hardly any chamomile is perceptible; but in all fairness, the directions say to use two bags for an 8 oz. cup. I have one bag for 16 oz. For a 25% strength dilution, this is really decent.

Value: I love the smell, but this stuff is outrageously expensive; $4.00 on sale for 16 bags, and you'd go through four bags for a decent sized cup. Strange how I'd easily pay twice that for beer, but for a lovely tea it's appalling? Also note, it's organic and 40% fair trade certified.

Overall: A really aromatic and soothing infusion. I'd love to try it full-strength one day, and see what happens.

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