Tea: Formosa Oolong

An Amber Oolong from Imperial Tea Garden

Picture of Formosa Oolong
Brand:Imperial Tea Garden
Style:Amber Oolong
Region:Taiwan / Formosa
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Review of Formosa Oolong

5 of 103 of 54 of 557 of 100
FairFairGood Value

Broken-leaf, fairly dark.

More bite than a typical bai hao oolong; more black-tea like. Fairly strong roast, some woody tones, only a hint of fruitiness. I like this more than most Chinese oolongs in its price range and of a similarly dark roast, but in the end I'd rather pay a little more for whole-leaf oolong.

Enjoyable and quite inexpensive. But not my favorite oolong.

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