Review of Xin Yang Mao Jian Green Tea

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This is the type of green tea I like most: strong, dark, and complex, producing a bold and rather bitter, but very clean and refreshing cup.

The dry leaf was very wiry, and intensely aromatic, with an aroma suggesting sweetness, but with some deeper, darker tones as well, a sort of deep fruitiness.

I found this tea worked best for me if the water was slightly hotter than TeaVivre recommends (~185F as opposed to 176F). If the temperature is too low, the cup is sweeter, and much less bitter, but bland, and the aroma is not particularly powerful. I like the bitterness, and I like that it's possible to brew this tea so as to bring out a lot of bitterness without making it too astringent, too sour, or bringing out "off" aromas.

Brewed as I like, at 185 for about 3 minutes, I found this produced a very brisk cup, crisp, and refreshing. Aroma is toasty, grassy, and with deep fruity tones. Flavor is strongly bitter, but in a pleasing way, and also quite tangy.

I also agree with TeaVivre's description of this tea: it is thirst quenching and refreshing, and I think it would go well with hot weather. I can imagine it might also make an outstanding iced tea, although I drank it hot on an unseasonably hot day in April (high of 88 degrees) and found it very refreshing.

Very reasonable price for a tea of this quality!

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