Tea: Tanzanian Silver Needle

A Silver Needle from Teas Etc

This tea has been retired/discontinued.

Picture of Tanzanian Silver Needle
Brand:Teas Etc
Style:Silver Needle
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Review of Tanzanian Silver Needle

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I was really interested to try a silver needle tea produced in Tanzania, and I am glad I tried it as it was quite interesting tasting as well.

Fairly light in color, but full-bodied flavor. I like this tea significantly more than most Chinese examples of silver needle that I've tried, which tend to be too mild for my tastes. Less floral than most white teas, but otherwise similar aroma. The flavor profile is bolder, and a little more like a green tea.

This tea is priced quite reasonably for a silver needle, but I have one comment about quantities offered. Teas Etc. only sells this tea in increments of 3 ounces or more, and 3 ounces is a steep $21.95. While this price is actually quite low compared to some Chinese silver needles of comparable quality, most of the companies I like to buy white tea from sell it in much smaller increments, such as 1 ounce, or 25-30 grams.

I would strongly recommend for Teas Etc. to offer this particular tea in smaller sizes, as they do with their Chinese silver needle. It is a very good tea, but, being an unfamiliar offering with a high price, I'd imagine most tea drinkers would be a bit reluctant to take a risk in buying such a large quantity of it. Even with a small additional markup, I imagine that a much broader range of people would be willing to take the plunge to buy this one.

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