Review of Ceylon Blackwood Estate Organic Green Tea

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Simpson and Vail informs me that Blackwood estate is part of Idulgashinna estate, if you're familiar with that one (I am not).

This tea had a similar flavor profile to other Ceylon greens that I've had: it was similar in some ways to Chinese green teas, but with a darker character, and more vegetal, but slightly less vegetal than typical Indian greens.

I agree with Simpson and Vail's description about the clear golden, full-bodied cup, not so much about the citral notes.

Quite complex. Aroma has tones of asparagus, and some sharper floral qualities, a little like rose. Flavor is tangy, and not particularly bitter. Chinese green teas with a similar aroma are usually much more bitter. Remarkably little astringency relative to the sour flavor. A few grassy tones in the finish.

Oddly, I found this tea much more pleasant to drink when it had cooled to room temperature. This is not the type of tea that everyone would like, and I think, not the most accessible green tea. But, among darker, more full-bodied green teas with a strong vegetal character, this is one of the best I've sampled.

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