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A Black Tea from PG Tips

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Brand:PG Tips
Style:Black Tea
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PG Tips as I know so far is one of the most loved teas in the UK. It is strong and Aromatic and indeed, Posh, It has so many good qualities so if you like tea alot I suggest you get this one because it's strong and really nice and even if you smell the teabag it's so strong and real tea drinkers drink PG Tips. I personally like the tea's with teabags because the loose ones float about in the tea. I also think it tastes Grainy the loose ones. So I prefer Teabags and now I am going to get to the bit where what biscuits its good with. I personally like it with digestives or Fox's Rich Tea. Chocolatey Biscuits like Oreo's aren't really good with it since PG Tips is best hot and Oreo, If it's too hot it melts and gets in the tea and bits of Oreo in your tea isn't really nice. And also it makes the Oreo taste abit Bad but I think PG Tips is best on its own because I drink it on it's own. But Biscuits like Digestives can go nicely with it. Normally with my breakfast everyday I either have Coffee or PG Tips. I love it and It helps me wake up because of it's epic flavour. In the UK and Indeed all around the world it's loved by millions. The reason it's so nice is because when the companies use the tea leaves the secret they use is that they only pick the top two leaves on each tea plant. And they also pick the Bud and they pick the best leaves that go with the tea. If it was rated by the Times or any other companies that rate things it would get an absolute glowing piece written by them. And by the way I am not sponsored by PG Tips to give them rating and reviews I just love their tea so much I can't resist writing this. They work hard and the value of the tea is 100% worth it and PG Tips is the best of the best tea's I can recommend.

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