Review of 1960s Phoenix Dan Cong

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Life in Teacup describes this tea as being a lot like Shu Pu-erh without the pile fermentation odor. I agree.

The aroma of the dry leaf tea is a lot more like aged shu Pu-erh than like other aged oolongs I've tried. Most aged oolong that I've tried has been re-roasted to the point that the roast has seemed to dominate the aroma. With this tea, there is only a faint roasted quality.

The brewed cup is a little more complex. A hint of roast, mostly dusty qualities, and a hint of fruitiness. Mouthfeel is surprisingly crisp for a tea of this age, slightly buttery but not completely smooth: there is a little bite to it. More pleasant to drink than to smell.

Infuses over and over again while remaining consistent in flavor. I liked using little leaf, and longer infusions, because I felt that the tea leaf took a long time to run out of flavor, and to use more leaf was wasting it.

This was a very interesting tea to try, but I still find I am not a huge fan of aged oolongs. I have yet to find any aged oolongs I like as much as the better aged Pu-erhs that I've tried; this may be more of a function of my own tastes than anything else though.

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