Tea: Kenya OP Malaika Black Tea

A Black Tea from Simpson & Vail

Picture of Kenya OP Malaika Black Tea
Brand:Simpson & Vail
Style:Black Tea
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Review of Kenya OP Malaika Black Tea

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Dry leaf has a pleasing aroma, reminiscent of some of the best Kenyan teas I've had, but not quite as strongly aromatic.

A good black tea, and a very typical example of Kenyan black teas: strong and robust, but slightly lighter and slightly less edgy than an Assam.

Brews a rich, full-bodied cup. Moderate strength, somewhat tannic but not overwhelmingly so. Aroma is malty and fruity; the fruitiness is somewhere between that of an Assam and a Darjeeling, somewhat between muscatel grapes and raisins.

Can be used to brew two infusions, but the first is best. Good price, but I've tried Kenyan black teas in a similar price range that I prefer.

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