Tea: Kenya Green Tea

A Green Tea from Simpson & Vail

This tea has been retired/discontinued.

Picture of Kenya Green Tea
Brand:Simpson & Vail
Style:Green Tea
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Review of Kenya Green Tea

6 of 104 of 52 of 557 of 100

The leaf of this tea is broken in large, rounded chunks, unlike the shape of any loose-leaf green tea that I've seen yet.

Brewed as instructed, it produces a cup with a clear, golden green. Flavor is clean and crisp without being sharp. Seems to have a slight cooling quality, very refreshing. If steeped too long, however, it can become astringent.

Aroma is mostly vegetal, like asparagus, with undertones of wintergreen, and a suggestion of fruit.

Interesting, but not an all-time favorite. This tea leaves an almost bubble gum like quality in the finish, I think perhaps due to the wintergreen tones, which I like very much in black teas but I find do not go well with the character of this tea. I also found this tea to be pricey for its quality. Quality-wise, I think this tea is on par with a number of Chinese teas which are much cheaper.

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