Review of Darjeeling Ambootia Estate Organic Green Tea

8 of 105 of 53 of 577 of 100

Dry leaf has a mild herbaceous aroma, and a dusty appearance.

Produces an olive-green cup. Crisp, clear flavor, with honey-like qualities. Aroma is mild, dominated by melow herbaceous tones. Flavor is clean and the tea has a cooling quality. I found its flavor grew on me a bit. Produces two very flavorful infusions with only a teaspoon of leaves.

Tastes much better to me while cooled to room temperature. For some reason, seems a bit harsh when hot and smoother/cleaner tasting when cool.

This struck me as a good tea, and quite interesting. Among Darjeeling green teas, it was more expensive than the long-leaf green produced by Makaibari estate, a tea which is not always available, but which I strongly prefer to this one. But the two teas are like apples and oranges:.that tea is edgier, bolder, and less floral or honey-like.

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