Tea: Cardamon Pu-Erh

A Flavored Pu-erh from Numi Organic Tea - O Organic

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Brand:Numi Organic Tea
Style:Flavored Pu-erh
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The aroma of this teabag is mostly spicy cardamon, there is a slight earthy undertone, but for the most part we have lots of cardamon. Which is good if you are a big fan of cardamon, because it is not a subtle spice.

Tasting this tea reminds me more of a strong Black tea rather than a Pu-erh, it is very bright and a touch astringent. After the initial tea kick the cardamon decides to dance right onto my tongue, this adds an exotic richness and slight sweetness. The aftertaste is just a touch nutty. Adding a bit of cream and sugar to this tea takes away any astringency and makes it similar to a chai (a bit of a one-note chai, but still) with a much earthier flair.

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Alex Zorach wrote:
on November 5th, 2012

I find cardamom can easily overpower tea. It takes a very strong base tea, I think, to hold its own against cardamom, unless you're only adding a tiny bit of the spice.

Ahmad Tea makes a cardamom black tea blend which I like very much (and which is very reasonably priced), and it uses a very strong Ceylon black tea as the base. But even with such a strong base tea, cardamom is still the dominant aroma.

Amanda wrote:
on November 5th, 2012

That is a sad thing about cardamon, it is so delicious but so overpowering! I will have to check out the tea you suggest, it sounds delightful!

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