Review of Yorkshire Gold Leaf Tea (Loose)

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After being relatively impressed with Yorkshire Tea's tea bags, I was let down when I tried their loose-leaf. It tasted really similar, which was good, but it was not markedly better!

The aroma is rich and malty, and there is a faint hint of wintergreen in the aroma as well. Smoother than average for a tea of this strength, but not the smoothest tea--I still found it a bit too astringent when I brewed it strong enough to have a powerful aroma. Overall, it was similar in quality to the tea bags I had from Yorkshire. This quality is impressive for tea bags, but disappointing for loose-leaf. I'm used to loose tea offering superior quality, and this was finely broken tea which, while fresh and of decent quality, wasn't anything amazing. I also find that because the leaf is so finely broken, it does not stay fresh very well once you open the container.

This stuff is relatively cheap, but I'd rather pay more money for whole-leaf orthodox tea if I'm going to drink loose-leaf black tea in quantity.

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