Tea: Huang Jin Gui Oolong Tea

A Golden Osmanthus from Teas Etc

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Brand:Teas Etc
Style:Golden Osmanthus
Region:Fujian, China
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Review of Huang Jin Gui Oolong Tea

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Huang Jin Gui or Golden Osmanthus is one of my favorite types of oolong.

I only had the opportunity to sample this once, briefly, at World Tea East, so I can't comment on experimenting with brewing it in different ways, but I thought it a typical and high-quality example of this type of oolong.

Aroma is predominately floral and herbaceous. Flavor slightly more sour than I expect from this style. Some astringency, perhaps a bit more than I'd like. I would not say this is the best example of this type of tea that I've tried...it was very good but I slightly prefer TeaSpring. I also had a very good example of this tea from Life in Teacup, but that company no longer lists this tea for sale.

Compared to my memory of TeaSpring's Huang Jin Gui, this one was less skunky and less soapy, which some people may like. But it was more sour and astringent. I personally would prefer more of the skunky/soapy qualities and less astringency and sourness. I know this commentary probably makes both teas sound unappealing, but these qualities are slight hints that only slightly detract from an otherwise wonderfully aromatic and pleasing cup!

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