Review of India Breakfast Tulsi Tea

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Too weak for me. I did steep it longer after reading Alex's review of another Organic India Tulsi Tea and it did seem to help - made it smoother and seemed to lessen the clove/minty aspects of the tea. It is a nice tea but I doubt I will be purchasing again.

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Alex Zorach wrote:
on December 31st, 2012

That makes sense...this blend isn't as strong as most breakfast teas. And if you don't like clove, I'd recommend staying away from Tulsi--it always seems to taste pretty strongly like clove, regardless of which variety you're using or which company it comes from. I actually saw that the essential oil of Tulsi and Clove have the same primary chemical component.

For breakfast teas that are both strong and smooth, I find it's hard for any tea bag to compete with loose-leaf. Do you ever brew and drink loose-leaf tea?

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