Tea: Berry Rooibos

A Fruit Rooibos from Epi Tea - O Organic

This tea has been retired/discontinued.

Picture of Berry Rooibos
Brand:Epi Tea
Style:Fruit Rooibos
Caffeine:Caffeine Free
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Review of Berry Rooibos

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A pleasant, creamy and smooth berry-flavored herbal blend.

I thought this was a very balanced blend, but it was on the weak side. I think Epi Tea could get away with using about twice as much leaf.

Thankfully, this wasn't too sour. A lot of berry blends that go heavy on the hibiscus taste too sour to me. This one has rooibos as the main ingredient and hibiscus as the second, and it shows--there's just enough hibiscus to make it pleasingly tangy, but not enough to overwhelm.

The various fruits blend very well into the rooibos background. I am able to discern the black currants while drinking, and I love this element of the blend -- black currant is one of my favorite flavors to go with tea, either as a jam or spread to be consumed with a British-style tea, or as a flavoring or ingredient in herbal blends.

Like all of Epi Tea's offerings, I think this is overpriced, but this is particularly true for this blend because I think they use a sparse amount of leaf in this blend. Even brewing for 10 minutes, as recommended, it was a bit weak for my tastes.

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