Review of Organic Silver Needle White Tea (Bai Hao Yin Zhen)

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This tea was wonderful as a complete, sensual experience. The leaves are light and elegantly pointed, covered in fuzzy silver-white hairs. They didn't smell like much when it was dry, straight out of the package. It was a bit nutty and a bit floral, maybe. But once I had brewed them the leaves gave off a completely unexpected and intoxicating aroma. A little bit like pungent herbs, marjoram or hyssop, maybe also camphor or a bit of lavendar. Whatever it was, it was lush and complex, and it lasted for just a moment. As soon as the leaves began drying out, the smell faded.

The tea itself was completely different from what the aroma of the leaves would have suggested. The brewed cup itself didn't smell like much, but the taste was sweet, mild, and exceedingly smooth. I brewed it at 175F, and experimented with steep times, ranging from one minute to four minutes, and it never turned bitter or acrid on me.

It's not a complex flavor, so much as one long sweet (and very slightly vegetal, like cucumber-infused water) note that stays consistent and pleasant all the way to the finish. I felt refreshed and calm after drinking it.

I don't have a huge amount of experience with white tea, but I liked this one a lot. It seems neither cheap nor expensive as organic teas go, and I would call it a fair price relative to the very good quality.

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