Review of Organic Hangzhou Tian Mu Qing Ding Green Tea

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I notice that a lot of people who review teas use this turn of phrase "everyday tea", which I take to mean something unfussy and satisfying that you can happily drink on a regular basis. This tea had that quality for me.

The instructions say to brew it a little hotter and shorter than I'm used to with green teas - about 194F for 1-2 minutes - but I found that a little difference in termprature and steep time doesn't have a radical effect on the final outcome, so long as you're grossly in the right ballpark. Again, this tea doesn't strike me as fussy.

The leaves are long and flat, and neither the leaf nor the brewed cup has a strong aroma to me (the brewed leaves smelled strongly of bitter vegetables), and the resulting liquor is an exceedingly pale gold.

The taste is lovely. It's mild and sweet with a surprising, juicy-tart aftertaste. One way of putting it is that I've never been able to like dragonwell teas - no matter what I do or how I brew them, they always taste unpleasantly metallic to me. This tea, however, tastes to me something like what people tell me dragonwells are supposed to taste like.

Considering that it's also inexpensive for an organic tea, I could see myself drinking this as an afternoon break quite often. It's mild, cooling, calming, sweet, and forgiving to imprecise brewers. What's not to love?

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