Tea: Typhoo Tea

A Black Tea from Typhoo

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Style:Black Tea
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Review of Typhoo Tea

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Having not drunk Typhoo for some time, recent experiences with it suggest it is unlikely to become a regular purchase. Firmly at the budget end of branded tea, a spectacular deal saw us buy some.

At first sight, things appeared promising: the somewhat nondescript aroma forgotten as a good dark colour appeared that promised a nice, strong, cup of tea. (I am of the " spoon standing up in it" school of tea drinking!) The flavour however was sadly lacking: a slight tannic taste but little else evident. After a few attempts, we have taken to adding other brands into the pot to add flavour, relying on the Typhoon mainly for colour.

It's not unpleasant, or unpalatable - merely bland and uninteresting. If it was a supermarket value brand OK, but for what is supposed to be a popular brand it was very disappointing.

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